My story

It all started with an idea

After years of teaching career, I was ready for a break. During that time, I ran into a childhood friend. He works as an arborist and has a sawmill in Burgundy. It didn't take long before the spark flew to start something with wood as well.

Ecology, healthy food and authentic materials have always been my passions. Suddenly it all made sense and not long after that 'Petit Patsy' was born.

Ecology and sustainability are very important to me. I only use certified wood from Belgium and Burgundy. It is mainly the hard and noble woods such as chestnut, oak, acacia, fruit wood and walnut that are used. The great advantage of local wood is the absence of transport pesticides.

I am mainly inspired by the rough plank. This makes each cutting serving board unique in shape. The artisanal creation of beautiful and sustainable objects in the open air gives me great satisfaction. Hopefully I can share my passion with you.